Ralf Groesel has joined Harlem Kitesurfing! In 2022, Harlem Kitesurfing partnered with Brainchild Production, Europe’s leading sustainable kite and wing production facility. This collaboration resulted in the development of a groundbreaking kite bag made of 95% recycled materials. A year later, they introduced the Harlem Force, an innovative kite in the Game Changer lineup, produced at this facility, showcasing Harlem’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

The journey continues as Harlem Kitesurfing proudly welcomes Ralf Groesel, a prominent designer in the industry, as a Product Designer. Ralf was excited about joining Harlem, stating, “Harlem is an unconventional and dynamic brand dedicated to making a difference. This ethos forms the foundation for creating extraordinary products.”

Boasting over 25 years of experience, Ralf Groesel has made significant contributions to kite design. He founded his own kite brand in 2000, which later became Flysurfer. In 2003, Ralf joined Naish Kiteboarding and contributed to various innovation projects. Subsequently, he joined the kite R&D team of Boards & More in 2007, where he designed the best-selling EVO, followed by the VEGAS, DICE, JUICE, and REBEL.

In 2022, Ralf founded Brainchild Production, Europe’s first sustainable kite and wing production facility.

Ralf’s extensive knowledge, innovative spirit, and strong commitment to sustainability make him a valuable addition to Harlem. His collaboration with Harlem on the new additions to the Game Changer lineup is highly anticipated. Together, they will continue their shared mission of creating the best high-performance gear on the market, accessible to every rider, while making a positive impact on our planet.

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Fri 5th Jul, 2024 @ 1:40 pm


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