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The Harlem Force: A GAME CHANGER in kitesurfing!

At Harlem Kitesurfing, our relentless passion led us to groundbreaking technologies: PROWELD and Digital Printing, revolutionising kitesurfing. The Force is incredibly lightweight, stiff, and a joy to ride.

PROWELD: The frame’s panels are welded, not stitching, creating a 20% lighter and 30% stiffer frame, delivering rapid steering and exceptional control. You’ll ride faster, create more apparent wind, and descend smoothly after jumps or kite loops.

Digital Printing:We’ve ditched screen printing and introduced Digital Printing. It’s light and offers top-notch graphics, opening endless customisation possibilities.

It was produced in North Macedonia, home of Brainchild Production. The most innovative and sustainable factory in the industry!

Welcome to a new era with Harlem Kitesurfing!

Sun 22nd Oct, 2023 @ 9:00 am


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