Introducing ION’s all-new neoprene footwear – the Ballistic range is out now! Living up to its name, Ballistic range has bullet-proof characteristics. Infused with Max_Flex and Kevlar for premium protection. Comfortable, warm, and never fails.

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We proudly present our completely renewed premium footwear line. Living up to the name, the Ballistic range is made from highly functional materials giving it bullet-proof-like characteristics.

Max_Flex, Kevlar and Plasma_Plush are just a few to name. Only the best features and materials are mixed into every piece making it the premium product that it is. No matter how sharp or cold, Ballistic footwear never fails. It is the most protective. It is the warmest. It is the most comfortable out there.

The range meets every need. From thick neoprene boots to simple foot protection. Socks, shoes or booties. Multiple thicknesses and a vast size range. Internal splits, External split, round toes.

Offering cold-condition protective gear of all categories, the Ballistic footwear range is ION‘s response to low water temperatures, inaccessible spots or uncomfortable conditions. Nothing can keep you away from getting that session in.

Protection is in ION‘s DNA. Developing watersports accessories for almost two decades and trans- ferring knowledge from our award-winning mountainbike segment, ION ambitions to offer best in class products. The renewed Ballistic range stands out by its unmatched protective properties, its exceptional warmth and yet the highest comfort a neoprene shoe or boot can have.

  • The outsole is made from aramid fibers, better known as Kevlar. Usually used in bullet proof vests, this technical material is combined with other ingredients to give the Ballistic range its name. The outsole withstands the sharpest shells and nastiest rocks. A smart design around the side and upper foot stabilizes and secures the foot from all sides.
  • Available in various thicknesses, all Ballistic footwear is lined with Plasma Plush 2.0 on the inside. Known from being used in premium wetsuits, this lining keeps your feet toasty warm when others have to finish the session early due to frozen feet. To prevent water flush, an ergonomic velcro wraps the boots comfortably.
  • Thanks to the most premium materials, com- fort and protection are not mutually exclusive to Ballistic footwear. Max_Flex outside lining makes the entry to a 6/5 boot easier than ever and offers the most comfortable feeling whilst wearing. Complemented by a pull loop the shoe can be taken on and off with ease despite frozen fingers.
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