Ride Engine Technical Changing Robe

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Ride Engine Technical Changing Robe

Mark Shinn talks us through the Hi-Lo pump, a pump that shifts the most air possible in the shortest amount of time (and with the least effort), delivering all the air pressure needed for your wing, kite or SUP – Quick, Easy and Efficient!


  • 3 in1: Combing the best of a large, volumetric pump and small, high-pressure device, pump your equipment gradually whilst optimizing your effort along the way.
  • Double action: Stage one pumping is high volume, double action shifting 6.5l of air for each complete pump cycle. As your equipment begins to inflate, the pressure will increase, and it’s time to switch to stage 2 – high volume single action. This stage only activates with the downward section of the pump, releasing pressure on the upwards cycle and reducing pressure on your arms. Stages 1 and 2 allow fast and effortless inflation up to around 5 psi.
  • Stage 3 up to 25 psi: Stage 3 activates the internal, low volume, high-pressure SUP pump allowing inflation pressure of up to 25 PSI with surprisingly low effort.
  • Integrated leash
  • Hose management system
  • Filtered air intake
  • High precision pressure gauge
  • Fittings for the 4 most popular inflation valves

Tech Details

  • Maximum pressure 25 PSI
  • Maximum air displacement 6.5l per pump cycle
  • Triple mode:
    • Double action – high volume
    • Single action – high volume
    • Single action – low volume (high pressure)

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Wed 10th Aug, 2022 @ 9:00 am

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