In this tech talk, Mark Shinn talks us through the new addition – the Shinn ADHD Prismatic 2022.

Explosive grip and tones of pop are generated by the hard channels running through the centre of the board and into the often forgotten tip transition area of the tail. By overlapping the rail and tip channels, the ADHD Prismatic reduces the energy-sapping flex area located just behind the rider’s rear foot, ensuring it can easily handle high power levels. In addition, the central tail concave helps lift the nose ideal when landing with commitment or when things don’t go quite as planned. This Prismatic also features an increase in stiffness between your feet, a critical factor in control when landing a little hot and preventing rocker inversion and the subsequent tip strikes.

A true high-performance ride for both wakestyle or mega-loop riders, the ADHD Prismatic retains the ease of use so vital in allowing you to unlock your full potential no matter the wind and water conditions you perform in.

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Sun 3rd Jul, 2022 @ 6:00 pm

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