Riot Curv Harness from ION

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Riot Curv Harness from ION

ION’s latest episode of “Write Your Own Chapter” tells the story of Clement Roseyro’s relationship with the ocean. Clement grew up on France’s southern coast, and the ocean has always been his playground.

Take a deep breath and embrace the ocean mood… the ocean can be angry or peaceful, terrible or delicate, dangerous or playful.

A true waterman adapts. Clement arrives at the spot with a new mindset, a new attitude, and a new board. Anything that brings him closer to the place where he feels most alive.

If you want to experience the ocean, you have to keep changing, too. Clement doesn’t need much but a board to develop his relationship with the ocean!

Seek your freedom and #WriteYourOwnChapter

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Sat 21st May, 2022 @ 12:00 am


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