As part of the holistic ERGO_CONCEPT, ION is proud to announce yet another innovation. Prioritising riders’ health, they focus product development on ergonomically fitting products. The 3D Fit Technology is the first of many developments within the holistic ERGO_CONCEPT. With the 3D Fit Technology, every kiter can find their customised hardshell harness. In collaboration with leading healthcare professionals, they developed the concept of individualized sizing. Using 3D FIT Technology, you get the right fit for a safer harness that keeps you riding longer, protects your back for years to come, and gives you an extra bit of confidence on the water.
Less Pain & Injury Risk. More Performance. More Water time

Why a hardshell harness?

Let’s get real. Hardshell harnesses are superior to softshell harnesses – but only if they fit right! There’s no one-fits-all solution. Everybody is unique. When it comes to your harness, everyone should care about having their individualised fit.

Given perfect fit, a hardshell harness has four advantages:

  1. Superior comfort
  2. Responsive Riding
  3. Increased back support as it is more protective, leading to less injury risk.
  4. More freedom of movement as you may use a lower outline with the same support.

What is the technology about?

By introducing the 3D FIT Technology, we help find the perfect fit for every rider. Standard Harnesses use waist circumference for finding an assumed fit. ION CURV Harnesses featuring the 3D FIT Technology use three dimensions.

  • 1st Dimension: Waist Circumference. The baseline for every harness measurement. By introducing the 3D
  • 2nd Dimension: Individual back length. By introducing Intermediate-Sizes such as MTall or LTall, harness sizing also considers the rider’s back length. Riders with proportionally longer backs get the support they need thanks to a higher profile.
  • 3rd Dimension: Spine curvature. (med. Lordosis) The Ergo_Pad addresses the individual back shape. It fills the gap between your back & the Harness. The Pad is adaptable to your back shape.

Three steps to finding the perfect size

The 3D Fit Technology allows ION to introduce specific sizing which addresses the rider’s back length. Supported by a detailed size chart & online sizing guide, finding out your size is as easy.

Step 1: Waist Measurement. Measure your waist circumference.

Step 2: Measure from your 7th cervical vertebra (usually your T-Shirt neckline) down to your iliac crest (level of the hip bone). This determines whether you need a high or standard harness profile. Smaller and average back length riders stick with their usual size. Riders with a proportionally longer back may opt for a tall-size version.

For exact sizing wear a thin T-Shirt or measure shirtless. Make sure to measure straight down.

Step 3: Ergo_Pad. Choose between two thicknesses of the Ergo_Pad. They are both included with each harness. Every rider‘s lordosis (shape of the spine) is different. Try both and choose the one you feel more comfortable with.


The Ergo_Pad makes for the third dimension in ION’s 3D Fit Technology. When kiting or windsurfing, major forces are transferred from the gear to our back, especially in strong winds or when crashing. 1 Thanks to the integrated channel, the Ergo_Pad transfers the power away from our vulnerable spine and protects the vulnerable bones. Instead, the power is transferred to where it is supposed to go. Four elevated trigger points on the pad transmit the pressure on our muscles right next to the spine. This massages the fascia and enhances blood flow.

  1. Reduced injury risk of the spine
  2. More relaxed muscles
  3. Less cramping and inflammation
  4. Reduced pain while and after riding

The Ergo_Pad comes in two thicknesses. The thin version will integrate seamlessly, just as usual, with the benefit of the trigger points & spine channel. The thicker version may be used in case of a pronounced back curvature (med. Lordosis) or a hollow back. In this case, the thick pad will fill the gap between the harness and your body. Riders can optimise their choice but not take a bad one. One version may fit you best, but the other will feel comfortable too. Just go out and try what you feel more comfortable with.

Health Approach

The 3D Fit Technology‘s health approach was developed with the expertise of Dr Thomas Fischer. Especially the Ergo_Pad is based on his medical expertise. Dr Fischer is an orthopaedic physician and spine surgeon. He is specialised in the conservative and surgical treatment of spine diseases. Dr Fischer is the head of the spine surgery department at Schön Klinik Bad Aibling.

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