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Duotone Fish SLS 2022 is here! Duotone just released their ‘smaller waves/classic surf’ board, the Fish SLS, offering power, control and the ability to shred and have fun even when the waves are not perfect!

“The Fish SLS has quickly become one of our best-selling boards – everyone who rides it falls in love. Designed by Duotone shaper Sky Solbach, the board is designed to maximise every session you have at the beach.

Featuring a retro outline inspired by the classic Fishtail form of the ’70s, but with a modern twist, it is sure to ignite your soul on those days when you might have stayed at home. The wide point is quite far forwards, and the rocker line is relatively flat; this gives the board the ability to deliver lots of speed and drive, even when the waves are weak. It also helps it get going early, so the Fish SLS excels in not only soft waves but also light winds.

The real key is the rail and tail shape and the channels underneath; these allow the board to be dynamic on the wave, and you can easily get vertical on the face. The snap off the top is always predictable but very much on the side of aggressive; the harder you ride the board, the more it delivers. At its heart, though, it’s an incredibly easy board to ride; while some shapes require you to tune your riding style, everyone feels at home on the Fish SLS almost instantly. All our team riders have a Fish in the quiver, and so should you; from 1 foot to 6 foot, the Fish SLS is the most fun you can have in the water.”

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Wed 15th Dec, 2021 @ 3:00 am


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