Now THAT’S a spicy looking board – Check out Shinn’s Monkette Chromatic. Over the past five years, they’ve tweaked and tuned the proven design of the Monk and produced a version designed for the fairer sex. For 2021, they continue with a board that they believe redefines the shape of freeride performance and consistently wins critical acclaim.

Their continuing goal? To maintain the characteristics the Monk and Monkette have become famous for – unbelievable chop handling, amazing carving and an outstandingly comfy ride – and add even more comfort, grip, rip and slash to the mix.

Normal channels create drag by redirecting the water travelling across the board. Still, they developed this design to maximise efficiency by encouraging the flow through the critical areas rather than forcibly redirecting it while paying close attention to the dynamic flex profile, ensuring that the comfort and control elements are not sacrificed.

How does it compare to the Monkettes that came before? More grip, more drive and more POP yet softer landings, same comfort and same chop handling.

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Tue 19th Oct, 2021 @ 9:00 am

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