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Learning to 360 on a kitefoil is a popular trick for anyone foilers looking to move on from gybes, it’s also a great stepping stone to tacking, and it just feels great when you pull it off! But to do it properly and consistently, you need to properly understand how to fly the kite through the whole manoeuvre. Having the kite riding with you will make all the difference transforming your 360’s from powered, chaotic spins, never know if you’re going to explode, to gliding through the carve effortlessly every time. Rob Claisse breaks the 360 into three stages, showing the kite and bar movements required for each step.

Rob originally released the two short separate videos, that make up this video, on his IG and FB pages but here they are pulled together so you can refer back to them in one place. He has also included an introduction and then a summary of the three key points you need to focus on at the end.

Rider: Rob Claisse
Kit: F-ONE Mirage 1000 and 8m Bandit-S
Location: Witsand Breede River, South Africa

Tue 25th Aug, 2020 @ 3:00 am


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