Truly inspirational – “I’ve never met someone who has gone through something so gnarly, yet be so optimistic and positive” – Robby Naish

Meet Al Garr, the legend behind the Naish Art + Marketing Department. Despite a life-changing surgery which resulted in him spending 5 weeks in the ICU + 2 months in a rehab hospital where he re-learned how to walk, talk, eat, etc. – Al’s passion for life, working at Naish and overall hard work never diminished. Al had to take 11 months off of work and just after 1 year, he was back full time in the office. 1 year after he was back in the office, he was running the Art & Marketing Department for Naish. Today, Al is getting back into kiteboarding and just got standing on a Wing-Surfer. If you don’t know Al, you should – he is one of a kind and an incredible asset to the Naish team.

Sun 26th Jul, 2020 @ 9:00 am

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