Jesse Richman, the first kitesurfer to get barrelled at Jaws, is out ripping again. Waves big enough to make your heart skip a beat, don’t miss the full right here! Always seeking the unknown, Jesse Richman experiences the forces of nature firsthand at JAWS for the first ride of the season!

Majestic X Harness

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Majestic X Harness

His Weapon Of Choice

“The Carve has an incredibly steady and consistent pull, with a super smooth drift so when I’m on a wave all I have to think about is smacking the lip.” – Jesse Richman

The Carve

The Carve provides instant drift with the flick of your wrist, allowing you to power on and off instantly, stay in the pocket for longer and out of the critical impact zone. Featuring a sensory pivot turn for control, and huge depower range, the Carve gives you the confidence to focus on surfing, in onshore to offshore, and anything in between, while strong surf-freestyle characteristics let you throw down strapless freestyle and perform lofty jumps with ease. Compared to the rest of our North range, the Carve sits further back in the wind window and enhances down the line drift, perfect for carving and tucking into a barrel.

Powerful, reactive and controllable; find out more about the Carve, right here.

Wed 6th Nov, 2019 @ 7:20 am


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