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“There is nothing quite like the quiet sounds on the water when riding in lighter winds.  There is something special about being the only one on the water, or racing a sailboat into the sunset.  These are the moments provided by a light, easy to fly, and efficient kite.  When you’re pushing the bottom end of wind speeds or travelling somewhere far-flung for an adventure, having a reliable kite is important.  We worked hard this year to make some great improvements to one of our favourite products, the Solo.  The main goal was to make the “sweet spot” on the kite much larger and more forgiving.  Meaning the kite would have better and smoother performance over a wider range of conditions.  From the light wind glassy hydrofoil sessions, all the way up to boosting on a 7m, the feel of the Solo is confidence-inspiring and consistent.  The 2020 Solo was built to make kiteboarding easy.”

-Brandon Scheid

Creating changes to a well-received product is never easy. Especially when you are not trying to change the base DNA of a kite, but rather to refine and improve its performance. This year for the 2020 Solo, we worked on making the kite perform more consistently over a wider range of angle of attack as well as conditions.

We wanted a kite that could perform in the lightest of winds with a hydrofoil, yet still offer a predictable turn shape and plenty of power range. Additionally, we wanted a kite that would de-power well, relaunch well, and inspire confidence for a freerider looking for a no-hassle kite to progress with. With changes to its arc, profile, aspect ratio, bridles, and wingtip shape the new Solo is truly that, a new kite. One that delivers amazing easy to use performance you can count on no matter the conditions.

One of the best things to pair with the new Solo is a hydrofoil.  For 2020 we are excited to launch a couple of new wings, several new foil boards, and some pretty nifty foil accessories to go along with our kits — all designed to bring more of that pure floaty joy to your life.

Making the most of light wind conditions has never been easier than with the forgiving float of our new Glider Wing Set.  The glider is our largest surface area wing at 1250 cm^2 of pure lifting joy.  Pair these amazing wings with our Fluid Fuselage and Quick Release collar, and you have the perfect foil set for kiteboarding enjoyment. Ideal for riders looking to carve, pump, and slash around on the water even in the most marginal conditions.

As you get more into hydrofoiling, you will realise that you no longer need a large board under your feet to get going on the foil.  The Orb is the perfect balance between volume and length, enough to keep you planing in marginal winds but not too much to over control the foil beneath you.  Full EPS core, wood stringer, adjustable track mounting, 3+2 inline m6 inserts, and chined rails are just a few of the tech features built into the Orb.

Led by passion and driven by fun, find out more about the Liquid Force Kite 2020 range, right here.

Wed 2nd Oct, 2019 @ 12:00 am

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