With the roots of kitesurfing deeply ingrained into the French bloodline, it is no surprise that French riders such as Jojo Heurto are looking to the sky as the limit, and Airush is pleased to be part of the rocket ship heading there! In the South Eastern region of France amidst the lagoons of division from the mighty Mediterranean, lies the humble pond of Parc de Dosses. The spot is uniquely positioned at the base of the Pyrenees mountain range and as a result receives hammering Tramontane winds all year round. There is also a diehard crew of locals ready to play the moment it gets windy out there; Jojo Heurto is one of them.

Video by:
Kyle Cabano

Title Design:
Stuart Groenemeyer

Utah – On the Mountain by the Sea

Thu 26th Sep, 2019 @ 6:00 pm

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