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Lieuwe Shotgun Paradise Series Board

Jalou Langeree’s ambition, drive and passion for kitesurfing are inspirational. North Kiteboarding is proud to announce that world champion wave rider, Jalou Langeree is joining their team of international riders. Jalou is at the top of her game and her dedicated training over the years has paid off. She currently leads the ladies world ranking and won the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour in 2018 for the third time.

Jalou says ‘I can’t be more stoked to be joining the North team. It feels pure and refreshing I’m very excited to be working with young, enthusiastic and motivated people. We all share the passion which is called kitesurfing.’

Leading the ladies world ranking, we couldn’t be prouder to announce that Jalou Langeree has joined our team of international riders.

Jalou is a world-class kitesurfer like no other. After winning the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour for the third time, along with many other international titles, Jalou is an inspiration and a force to be reckoned with.

Mike Raper, Director of Brand at North says ‘we are so stoked to have a multiple world champion on our team. This brings even more depth to our already powerful global team of professional riders. We are excited about integrating Jalou’s valuable input into our future product range’.

Growing up on the Dutch coast, Jalou learnt how to kite aged twelve. From that moment on, Jalou has devoted her life to the sport and is always looking for more ways to challenge herself. Travelling the world to ride new waves and enjoying a sense of freedom when she is connecting with the ocean, Jalou is a natural fit for North.

She is constantly looking for ways to push herself to not only find happiness, but also to inspire women to share this passion in extreme sports. Jalou says ‘Kitesufing is a male-dominated sport and I love seeing more girls out there shredding. The joy that I get from kitesurfing is something I would love everyone to experience. Being at one with nature and all its elements makes me feel alive!’

As well as kitesurfing, Jalou surfs, stand up paddleboards, climbs and runs. Her ambition and drive both on and off the water is inspiring. With her warm personality and infectious smile, it is a pleasure to be around Jalou and we are thrilled to have her join our growing team.

Welcome to the team Jalou!

Thu 25th Apr, 2019 @ 8:31 am

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