And here it is… ‘Ancient Tides’ is the first Egyptian kiteboarding documentary brought to you by the Cabrinha Egypt team, aiming to show the world the true beauty of Egypt’s incredible kiteboarding spots!

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Note From The Team

We’ve always had this idea for years back that we wanted to contribute to our country positively in some way. The idea was triggered when we started receiving messages from people abroad asking about the locations of the kiting spots we posted; people couldn’t believe this is Egypt. We finally put the idea to action last June by filming a kiteboarding documentary narrated by the Cabrinha Egypt Team in an attempt to show the world the true beauty of kiteboarding in Egypt.

ANCIENT TIDES is the first Egyptian kiteboarding documentary and also the first Cabrinha Egypt production. We brought Ismail El Hamawy, who filmed and edited the movie and was able to deliver through his camera lens exactly what we wanted to portray for Egypt. This documentary featured Omar Abdel Fattah, who established Cabrinha Egypt 6 years ago and is the mastermind behind its huge success. Hassan Taha, our Business Development Manager, who plays a very big part of expanding the market, Jaida Mahmoud (myself), the Marketing Manager, who also led this project of Ancient Tides and of course, our talented team riders Sherif Abu-Zeid, Momo Best and Salma Sherif, that share the same passion for the sport and our country.

We hope this documentary will spread worldwide and that eventually we get rid of all the negative perceptions some might have on Egypt. Yes, Egypt is known with its phenomenal history, but not only that, Egypt still holds hidden gems and magical beaches; some of the best in the world.

Thu 17th Jan, 2019 @ 9:00 am


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