“I kinda miss the old days when we were regarded as beach bums!” Check out Irelands surfing pioneers in chapter one of the ‘Made In Ireland’ documentary. You’ll get to meet the people who put board-riding on the Emerald Isle’s map and find out how they’re taking it to the next level!

The Made In Ireland documentary (from Irish filmmaker Mikey Corker) brings us the true story of Irish surfing, from its beginnings with Barry Britton to its bright future with big wave chargers like Conor Maguire.
“I kinda miss the old days when we were regarded as beach bums,” says Irish surfing legend Barry Britton in a new documentary, Made In Ireland. The 64-year-old is seen sitting in his home in County Donegal, in the Republic of Ireland, recalling the winter in the early 1960s when his mother, who owned a hotel, returned from California with an order for a handful of Malibu surfboards. “We took over the surfboards,” says Britton, “and the guests never got looking at them.”

Introduced to the torchbearers of the sport like Britton, Smith, the documentary takes us to the Misfits of Chapter Two, a tight-knit crew that charges Mullaghmore at its meanest. Then, in Chapter Three, we meet surfers from around the world who fell in love with Ireland’s waves and decided to stay. Watch the next two parts coming up on Tuesdays on Red Bull YouTube.

Thu 27th Sep, 2018 @ 12:00 am

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