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Eight years ago our mad-scientist designers locked themselves in the lab and made it their mission to stitch together all the best features into a single kite. They labored obsessively, and when all was said and done it gave rise to the RPM. This entirely new shape and profile provided riders with the drift of a wave kite, more pop than any bridled kite before it, the relaunch of a hybrid and the depower of a delta. The RPM is a freak, and we’re proud to call it our pride and joy.

Now in it’s eighth iteration, the RPM returns better than ever packed with even more features. New strategically placed areas of isolated Teijen (TAY-ZHEN) D2 (DEE TWO) provide added durability and wind retention. Our R+D team conducted countless durability tests to the kites leading edge. Results of these tests lead to a lighter and cleaner leading-edge frame. Complimenting these added features are the legacy items the magic comes from: its Open-C profile, the condensed I.R.S. bridle and the always bomb-proof Slingshot construction.

The RPM is a high-flying, hard-charging kite with multiple world titles under its belt. But the RPM isn’t built for the most elite competitors; the top of the podium is just a byproduct of exceptional design. Over the years we’ve gauged the kite’s success in many ways– industry awards, multiple world titles, rave reviews, cover shots in magazines. But prizes and podiums aren’t what matter most to us. What really matters is the freedom the RPM brings to riders all over the world, in all disciplines, all conditions and all ability levels.

Some of the busiest schools in the world use the RPM as their go-to kite because of its reliability in any wind condition and its bomber construction. Meanwhile, at the opposite end of the spectrum, the RPM is a championship-level freestyle kite that sits in the hand of Carlos Mario.

No Matter who you are or how you shred, this kites for you

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