Do you know how your kites are made? Liquid Force Kites want you to know what goes into making quality gear. Kiteboarding equipment is complicated, and it’s made out of heaps of specialized materials. Continue reading to hear what Liquid Force have to say about what sets them apart, and to find out about some exciting, new products.

Making a great kite is no easy task. Not only do you need to dial in the right canopy shape, profile, and bridals, but you also need to make sure the construction techniques, material choice, and quality control procedures are perfect. You certainly don’t want kites leaving the factory unless they are absolutely perfect.

At LFK, we strive to create the best products possible. We look after all the fine details that make a kite perform perfectly. Our attention to detail allows us to make kites that offer high-end performance right out of the bag and also carry that performance throughout the full lifespan of the kite.  Whether it’s the durability features that are built into the structure of the canopy or the commitment to using the best materials available, we continue to strive to make better and better kites so you can enjoy your time on the water.

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Key construction features

Sandwich Assembly
The process of overlapping important seams with strong polytape to increase the strength of the seams in important, high-load areas. This makes the seams on the kite extremely durable and less prone to tear.

Layered Frame Construction
This is the technique of adding layers of markcloth over critical places on the kites.  This extra layer improves durability in areas with a ton of load.  This helps reduce the likelihood of tears and abrasion in key areas.

Synergy Strut
This canopy construction technique ties the actual structure of the struts into the panels of the canopy. This helps bring more rigidity to the overall structure of the kite, making it respond quicker and work more dynamically in the sky.

Canopy Materials
Not only are we committed to the best construction techniques, but we also strive to source the highest quality materials for our kites. The new Solo V3 and WoW V3 are both built with our exclusive Challenge Triple Rip-stop. This material has the highest strength to weight ratio available on the market. Additionally, its lamination process gives it unparalleled UV damage resistance, keeping the kite nice and crisp, session after session.

Max Flow
Pumping your kite is something that you have to do before every session. In our opinion, anything we can do to make setup easier is essential to development. Enter maxflow, the easiest and quickest inflation system on the market. Not only does the valve allow a higher volume of air to move through, its diameter also lowers the pressure required for each pump.

Bladder Materials
Our commitment to quality continues with our 0.1mm PU bladders. Not only are they extremely durable, they also reduce the overall weight of the kite by over a pound (on 12m).  All of our kites are inflated and checked in the factory for an extended period of time. This ensures that the kite is ready to go as soon as you are.

One Pump
You really can’t have a great kite anymore without having a one pump system. This feature allows you to inflate your kite from a single point, reducing the work required to setup your kite. The hoses and nozzles are optimized to allow for easy bladder repairs and they also feature clamps that allow you to isolate your struts from your LE.

English Seams
Finally, our kites are built using the best and strongest seaming techniques. They are called English seams and they a very particular way to sew dacron panels together. They make a durable and fray free connection that will handle all the crashes you can throw at them.

Carbon Drive Twintip

Have you ever wanted the high-end feel of a carbon board, but were bummed when you looked at the price tag. Fear no more, LFK is bringing the construction benefits of carbon, with a price that’s affordable for everyone. Built around our 100% all-wood Drive core, the Carbon Drive offers unparalleled performance in a lightweight package. Rip powerful turns and blast upwind with the Carbon Drive/s smooth single concave while the forgiving outline and flex give you a smooth yet predictable ride on the water. It’s the perfect board for the rider looking for a lighter and better performing board without that hefty price tag.

Learn more about the Carbon Drive from the LFK Product Team.

Riot Curv Harness from ION

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Riot Curv Harness from ION

LFK Pro Pad

Nothing is worse than a poorly fitting footstrap. That’s why, when we worked on the Pro Pad, we wanted to offer ultimate adjustability and superior comfort. This strap features a dual zone adjustment on the strap as well as slotting in the base plate for even more customization. Combine the plush strap with the ergonomic dual density EVA footbed and you have a strap that can conform to a wide variety of foot shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for the highest performing footstrap on the market, then look no further than the Pro Pad from LFK.

Learn about all the features of the Pro Pad from the LFK Product team.

Riot Curv Harness from ION

Win a Riot Curv Harness from ION this issue in our FREE subscriber prize draw.

Riot Curv Harness from ION

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