Looking for waves? The Solosports Mitu Wave Camp in Punta San Carlos, Mexico is calling your name! This all-inclusive camp has it all. Included are a week of coaching from F-One’s top wave riders at one of Baja’s most confidence inspiring breaks and access to F-One’s latest kites, boards, and SUPs. Learn more about the camp from Bay Area Kitesurf, below.

We are fortunate to have Mitu Monteiro back for 2 weeks of coaching in Punta San Carlos. This is Mitu’s 4th year and every year, more and more kiters are getting hooked by this place. It’s the perfect opportunity to improve your wave riding skills, not a super fast, reefy wave but a solid and long point break with plenty of wind.

Punta San Carlos is on the west coast of Baja, California. The first camp is May 27 – June 3 and there are still spots available. The second camp is June 3 – 10 and this one is already sold out.

It’s an all-inclusive camp, run by Solosports (they have done this for many years and you will be in good hands). Guests won’t need to bring anything other than a light wetsuit and a harness. Solosports will fly guests in from San Diego Brown Field on a small airplane to their private landing strip right on the spot. From this point on, it’s game on! Guests will have access to all the latest F-One gear, most notably the F-One 2017 Bandit in all sizes, F-One Mitu Pro surfs and Signature in all sizes.

It’s also worth noting that Punta San Carlos is a fantastic spot for SUP wave riding as well (before the wind picks up!) and that Solosports will have a complete range of shiny F-One SUP Wave boards on hand.

Check the recap from last year:

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Bay Area Kitesurf

Wed 22nd Mar, 2017 @ 12:00 am

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