Riot Curv Harness from ION

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Riot Curv Harness from ION

This place is what dreams are made of! Ozone head out to Tonga in the South Pacific and find spectacular conditions. White sandy beaches, palm trees, whales, wind… the list goes on!

Have you been looking for a new kitesurfing destination in the South Pacific? Have you ever thought about kitesurfing in Tonga? Look no further, Kitesurf Tonga is here!

Kitesurfing heaven in the South Pacific. We have located the ultimate and created Tonga’s only dedicated kitesurfing destination on the beautiful shores of Uoleva island in the Ha’apai group, Kingdom of Tonga.

For magnificent Uoleva island fale accommodation and a truly ultimate kitesurfing Tonga experience come and stay with us.

Join us on our remote adventure island where we made a small clearing, chose our recycled building materials, and now have created everyone’s kitesurfing dream – of course not dismissing some of the niceties you crave after a full day of kitesurfing (warm showers, the ability to charge your phones & cameras and offers ensuite accommodation).

Fanifo Lofa on Uoleva Island brings to you a top notch South Pacific kitesurfing location, transports your kite equipment daily (300m to the kitespot), offers an all inclusive package that will not break the piggy bank. Fanifo Lofa is an amazing yet affordable top kitesurfing destination.

Flimed & Edited by
Additional footage by Shane Peterson

Supported by Ozone Kites and

Fri 9th Sep, 2016 @ 9:00 am


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