Majestic X Harness

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Majestic X Harness

You may have seen this kite foiling boat pop up a lot recently. If you were impressed with the previous videos then you NEED to see this! Whilst foiling in windy, choppy and tough conditions in San Francisco the legendary boat very nearly capsized!

In 2015, Kai Concepts switched from a J-shaped foil to a T-shaped foil. The T-foils required some calibration, but now that we’ve got them dialed in, boy do they work.

Kite helm: Don Montague. Boat helm: Joe Brock. Boat Crew: Adam Hill. Drone: Peter Trow. GoPros/Chaseboat: Betsy Pfeiffer, Margueritte Peterson, Paul Stanek. Video edit: Max Schwartz.

Thu 1st Sep, 2016 @ 9:00 am


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