Right on time for the start of the travel season – when kiters in the northern hemisphere fly to sunny places, Flysurfer have the perfect gadget for you! The Flysplit 2 is an all-round board, which can be divided into two parts making it perfect for travel. It fits into any regular sized suitcase and thereby saves you money on sports luggage.

The Zig-Zag-Interlocking is the key to our FLYSPLIT series. It is a tongue and groove principle, which is locked in place by a metal pin on each side. The fins can be taken off without the need for a screwdriver thanks to the Click’n’Ride System. No concessions need to be made on convenience or riding pleasure. The FLYSPLIT2 is the lightest, easiest to carry and assemble board in our line up.

The FLYSPLIT2 will soon be available at your trusted dealer in sizes 134x41cm and 139x43cm. Enjoy the ride and benefit from our split kiteboard technology. Put the FLYSPLIT2 into your suitcase and take it with you on every adventure!
For more information check out the FLYSPLIT2 product page: http://www.flysurfer.com/project/flysplit2

Wed 21st Sep, 2016 @ 9:00 am

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