CORE Kiteboarding, famous for relentless innovation and attention to detail, has released some major updates to the Sensor 2 control bar. These updates include ceramic bearings integrated in the below-the-bar swivel to facilitate friction-free untwisting of the center lines.  Find out more about these exciting improvements from CORE Kiteboarding, below.

“Not even close.” is the answer given by Bernie Hiss, the CEO and founder of CORE Kiteboarding, when asked “Has kiteboard innovation peaked?” during the release of the new Sensor 2S and 2S Pro control bars. Two bars bristling with innovation. Innovation that, in some cases, is not readily visible without closer inspection.

The new Sensor 2S is an optional yet intelligent, mid cycle, update to the exceptional Sensor 2. A bar, where engineering ingenuity meets minimalism; where ceramic bearings are integrated to eliminate friction within the auto untwist function; and where Tectanium is used to make the thinnest and most aerodynamic depower lines ever. Upgrades to the Sensor 2 that are game changers.

These game changers include:
Ceramic Untwist: An improved, below the bar, swivel with hi-tech ceramic bearings that unravels the front lines virtually on its own.
Tectanium S- Slide/Depower Lines: The front lines from the “Y” to the chicken loop is replaced with our exclusive, no stretch, Tectanium. And we protect it with a 5.2mm, UV-stabilized, Polyether where it passes through the bar. Techno speak for a really durable, self-lubricating, no pinch depower line.
S- Neck: The stainless steel connection between the Rotor QR and the depower lines is shaped to provide more symmetric pulling forces on the lines.
S-Neck: Smoother, automatic, front line untwist. Zero unwanted leverage. Perfectly symmetric pulling forces. Now that’s smart.

“Just try the new 2S.” suggests Hiss. He is confident the improvements to the already exceptional Sensor 2 bar are measureable and performance boosting. The 2S upgrade adds only 40 EUR to the base Sensor 2 bar price of 459 EUR. The Sensor 2S+ which includes adjustable line lengths (from 18-24m) retails for 529 EUR. For those seeking the ultimate performance, the new Sensor 2S Pro is available for 649 EUR. In addition to the 2S upgrades, the Pro model incorporates an all carbon bar, full Tectanium lines from kite to chicken loop, and Vario line lengths. Available now at CORE retailers.

S-System Highlights:
Ceramic Untwist: Frictionless, ceramic bearings that untwist front lines.
Tectanium S-Slide/Depower Lines: Really durable, self-lubricating, no pinch, no stretch, depower line.
S-Neck: Routes the depower lines for perfectly symmetric pulling forces. Smoother, front line, untwist. And zero unwanted leverage.

Sensor 2 Options:
Sensor 2
The standard-bearer of control bars. The titanium cored, rotor equipped bar is light. Super direct. And safe.

Sensor 2S / Sensor 2S+
Proven Sensor 2 standard features plus the new S-System upgrades. Vario lines are added to the 2S+.

Sensor 2S Pro
Includes all the above Sensor 2S features plus: A titanium cored, 100% carbon fiber, bar. And variable length, Tectanium lines from kite to chicken loop.

Find out more about the new Sensor 2S and Sensor 2S Pro at:

Sat 18th Jun, 2016 @ 9:00 am

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