10-time kiteboarding world champion Gisela Pulido joins Liquid Force kiteboarding global team. Check out this cool 15-second shreddit where she rides her new gear, and hear from Gary Siskar at Liquid Force and Gisela herself about the new direction!

“Gisela embodies the kiteboarding spirit and lifestyle! Not only is she a tenacious competitor but she is a role model that projects an unparalleled passion for the sport that magnetizes people to become a part of kiteboarding. This combination embodies the core ideals of Liquid Force kiteboarding making her a perfect fit for the brand” – Gary Siskar, Liquid Force Global Kiteboarding Brand Manager.

Residing in the kiteboarding epicenter of Tarifa, Spain Gisela has developed a very successful lesson center to teach and develop new kiteboarding participants. Recently she also established a new location at Nitro City in Panama taking her recipe for success outside of Spain.

“I am very happy to have this opportunity to create a long-standing relationship with Liquid Force. I am extremely stoked on the gear that will help me achieve my future goals and very happy with the support that Liquid Force can offer to further my career as a professional kiteboarder on and off the water! I am excited to start this journey” – Gisela Pulido, 10-time kiteboarding World Champion

Gisela for the 2016 season is taking a break from the rigors of the competitive kiteboarding world tour to achieve exciting new goals in kiteboarding. From “first ever” long distance island passage crossings, episodes made for TV, and specialty events worldwide, Gisela’s persona and zeal for kiteboarding will be felt globally.

Fri 15th Apr, 2016 @ 12:00 am

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