Multi-fun soft-tech surfboards from Brunotti are here! These versatile surfboards are designed for easy riding, freestyle, and riding swell. This nearly indestructable range of boards is sure to please. Read details about the S-Tech Series from Brunotti, below.


The Brunotti RDP soft tech series is here!

These 3 bros, named Bryck (4’10), Brymm (5’4) and Byron (5’10) come from Bruno ’s S-Tech series. The lightweight strapless boards are easy to ride for everything from relaxed kite sessions and easy wave rides to cool freestyle tricks.

Soft top boards make for stress-free freestyle.

Soft top boards make for stress-free freestyle.

The boards float well, are light and feel steady. This makes it easy to go out and to enter a wave, and furthermore, the boards are indestructable. The Multi-S tension technology makes use of three stringers to ensure an extra strong design. The reinforced standing area contains a bamboo layer which makes the standing surface extra durable. The soft top layer means you can’t hurt yourself easily.

The Soft-Techs are perfect for the strapless freestyle gurus who want to try out new tricks, bruise-free. Less experienced kitesurfers will find them stable and therefore an easy board on which to master strapless surfng.

Each of the three boards has a different size and shape, suited to each skill level and every situation, including flat water, little to high wind, and big swell.

The S-Bryck is a small board and easy to take with you wherever you go. The shape of the Bryck invites you to surf playfully and is most suitable for smooth water sessions. The S-Brymm is Bryck’s big brother – a little less playful and suited to smooth water with a light to intermediate swell. According to one of Brunotti’s riders, RDP creator Ruben Versluis, ‘The broader tail ensures that you’re one of the first to stand on the water, and probably the only one ripping with a lighter swell and minimal wind.’ The S-Byron is the multi surfboard par excellence in the softop range. It’s a real family board that everyone can have fun with. Its large format makes it ideal for light swell. When the wind drops, no problem – this board is also easy to paddle.

The flexible nylon fins on all three boards deliver suffcient momentum and stability while surfing. Both the fins and the boards are almost unbreakable, so you can surf stress-free from a reef break or during low tide.

The S-Bryck is small and easy to transport.

The S-Bryck is small and easy to transport.

Rider Developed Products

The whole Bruno RDP collection is designed by a team made up of Brunotti’s developers, engineers, marketeers, team riders and other colleagues. Together with riders like World Champion (twice!) Youri Zoon, kite chick Annelous Lammerts and strapless kite and fanatical wave surfer Ruben Versluis, we develop and shape the perfect RDP – rider developed products.

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