The new, wave-focused Free by CORE Kiteboarding has landed. This all-arounder is designed with wave riders, freeriders and learners in mind. CORE shares some exciting details about how this new machine fits in their 2016 lineup. Catch all the details from CORE, below.

The new Free by CORE Kiteboarding could be your next favorite kite.

The new Free by CORE Kiteboarding could be your next favorite kite.

CORE was busy shaking up the kiting world in 2015 with the release of its redesigned bestsellers; the XR4 and Fusion 2. And the launch of the Specialized brand of equipment for hardcore C-kiters and wave addicts. A brand dedicated solely to highly specialized, single purpose gear including the Section, a purebred wave kite. The Impact, a hardCORE C-kite. And the Bolt, a boot only wakestyle board.

With all its success in 2015 you might think CORE would take a moment to recharge. But no, this island powerhouse is just getting started. The company with the distinctive white and yellow kites now introduces a third kite to the legendary Universal Series of high performance all-rounders. The all new, wave oriented, CORE Free joins the Universal Series to fill a natural gap between the XR and GTS.

The Free will make a lot of new friends this season with its outstanding combination of attributes. “We combined the playful agility of our 3 Strut Frame concept from our GTS with the powerful yet controllable Delta Bow shape from our XR,” explains Frank Ilfrich, CORE’s chief designer. The Free gives you the freedom to surf, play or learn. In the waves. Or on the slick. With the comfort of your favorite sneakers and the precision of an F-15. Hooked-in freestylers will certainly appreciate its floaty hangtime and instant relaunch. Wave riders will be drawn towards to its superb onshore drifting and bottom turn down looping. And newer riders will dig the Free’s linear, on demand, power and depower. There’s something for everyone in the new Free.

CORE quality craftsmanship shapes each kite in their lineup.

CORE’s quality craftsmanship shapes each kite in their lineup.

So what roles do the XR and GTS play in the Universal Series of high performance allrounders you ask? Each kite in the series has one discipline injected with “super powers” as noted by the “+”. The XR’s plus is massive power. The GTS’s plus is freestyle mastery. And the Free’s plus is wave riding. “Clearly, the XR is our big air machine and the GTS is our unhooked ninja.” CORE CEO Bernie Hiss explains, “which leaves room for the surf-oriented Free.” Three allrounders. Three unique characters. And all fun in their own different way.

The Free is jammed with CORE innovation including high- response, ultra short, bridles; exclusive, triple ripstop, materials; reworked speed pump system with huge valves; and range expanding Intelligent Arc. Naturally, we recommend pairing the Free with the superlative Sensor Bar System; the lightest, most direct, feeling bar on the market with the only no push, no pull quick release. Now available at your local CORE retailer in ten sizes from 4 to 13.5m3. And, the Free LW lightwind edition is available in 15 and 17m3 sizes.  Test one soon.

On the road to good times.

On the road to good times.

Key feature snapshot:
3 Strut Light Frame: More twist. Faster turns. Better in waves.
Delta Bow Shape: Huge range. Floaty air-time.
Intelligent Arc: Adjustable wingspan on demand.
4 Line Setup: Classic. Simple. Safe.
Ultra Short Bridle System: Super direct kite feedback.
ExoTex®: Ultra durable; high performance; asymmetrical Dacron weave.
CoreTex®: Triple ripstop canopy fabric.
Speed Valve 2: Super fast and easy kite inflation.
GrinTex® Patches: Extra strength leading edge protection.
CORE Intelligent Trim System (CIT): Customizable bar pressure, tension and turning speed.
Instant Auto Relaunch: Effortless waterstarts.
Sensor Bar Ready: Fully compatible for precise kite control and unparalleled safety.


The Free will help get you into the good stuff.

The Free will help get you into the good stuff.

CORE, the global island powerhouse known for the ubiquitous white and yellow performance kites and boards is making kite selection easier than your morning coffee order. You will now find CORE kites organized under 3 banners: the Universal Series; the Specialized Series and the LW Series.

Universal Series: The new CORE Free joins our existing two high-performance allrounders: the XR, the legendary big air machine and the GTS, the gran turismo of kiteloops and unhooked freestyle. Although each kite in the Universal series is built for all riders and all conditions, they each have one discipline injected with “super powers” as noted by the “+”. Find the + and you’ll find the talent we consider exceptional.

Specialized Series: Last year, the company introduced an entirely new line, CORE Specialized. It’s a brand dedicated solely to highly specialized, single purpose, pro level, gear. A brand with two extreme kites: The Section, a purebred wave kite. And the Impact, a hardCORE C-kite. Two beautiful kites for those who know what they want. No compromises. And 100% performance.

LW Series: And now, the company with the largest and most complete fleet of lightwind kites, has organized its series of low wind kites under the LW Series banner. With stump pulling, grin generating, work inhibiting, awesomeness. You can’t leave home without one.

Come visit us at and let us know how we are doing. In the meantime, get out there and have fun!

Thu 7th Apr, 2016 @ 6:00 pm


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