The 2016 KITEMANERA international kite event was huge. The event, held March 19-20 in the Dutch Caribbean, attracted over 100 kiters. At KITEMANERA, the idea is to get together with friends for a good time. The weekend included a costume downwinder, freestyle contests, big air competition, beach tennis, and live music. For more information about the weekend, and for a list of results, continue reading the event report below.

Kitemanera Bonaire 2016 was a huge success.

Kitemanera Bonaire 2016 was an overwhelming success.

What started as a small, local event in 2014, finished Sunday as a grand international kite contest, beach tennis tournament, party and Bonaire promotion event. 100 kiters participated in the opening costumed race on Saturday and in the downwinder to Klein Bonaire on Sunday. In between, there were freestyle and big air competitions, live music, DJ’s and a beach tennis competition. With the awards ceremony and after party at Coco Beach, Kitemanera closed off one crazy weekend with loads of fun. All ‘kitemaneros’ are already looking forward to next year’s edition!

Kite competition results:

Men freestyle
1. Christiaan Zweers
2. Emieck de Goede
3. Sem Kluyver

Men's podium

Men’s podium

Women freestyle
1. Zwanette Kooij
2. Freija
3. Dianthe Meij

Ladies podium

Ladies podium

1. Max
2. Ties Wachtmeester
3. Mikki de Man

Youth podium

Youth podium

Men big air
1. Eduke de Boer
2. Sil Romeijn
3. Rik Haenen

Women big air
1. Zwanette Kooij
2. Freija
3. Audrey Groenenboom

Costumed race
1. Peter Tuinman
2. Jeroen Roevros
3. Eduke de Boer

KITEMANERA is an international kite event, in which the fun part of the sport is the key element. KITEMANERA is organized on Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean by four Venezuelan kiters. During the KITEMANERA weekend, there are a lot of side events, making KITEMANERA bigger and attracting more people every year. Thanks to the organization and the great support of many friends and sponsors on the island of Bonaire, KITEMANERA 2016 was a huge success!

The costume downwinder was a weekend highlight.

The costume race was a weekend highlight! 

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Fri 25th Mar, 2016 @ 6:00 pm

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