This week’s ‪‎Where The Wind Blows‬ select is up! Watch for more on the lovely Laura Maher, a ‪‎kiteboarding‬ veteran who’s really figured out how to balance dedicated riding with her career. ‪Laura was kind enough to share some insight into her life as a rider and a stylist.

Miss Maher, at home in the Slider Park.

Miss Maher, at home in the slider park.

My SELECT for Where the Winds Blows gives a look at how I’m able to balance my career as a hair stylist in Hood River, OR while being a team rider for Slingshot Kites, a team I’ve been a part of for the last 12 years. My hair guests and I have had to be flexible to make it work. This flexibility extends to my work environment. Over the years I’ve seen clients in the Hood River salon or in lawn chairs on the beach. I try blend a fashion- first mentality with a Farm-to-Chair salon experience by using botanicals products, aromatherapy, and contributing to a high vibe lifestyle.

Summer’s in Hood River are magical. A typical day for me consists of seeing hair guests at the salon, a major kite session in the Hood River Slider Park, and then shaking the sand off my feet before returning to a few more hair guests.

All in a day's work.

All in a day’s work.

At the beginning of July, I missed the ollie on one of the North Rails in the park and took a big hit. I ended up having a major sprain on my left ankle, a slight sprain on the right ankle, and I hurt my ego in the process. It made for a really discouraging month trying to stack clips for this project while participating in a full calendar of kiteboard events. My injuries healed up fast and, although my progression was slowed this summer, I was able to have a ton of water time in one of the hottest windiest summers in the history of the Gorge.

Laura Maher, Lighting up the Oregon sky.

Laura, the mini-kicker, and the Oregon sky. 

I hope my select will inspire or empower others to create ways to follow joy in their everyday lives. I feel grateful to be part of the awesome Where the Wind Blows team. Fun times with this crew.

Fri 6th Nov, 2015 @ 12:00 pm

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