The F-One Gun, a new long-distance board

The F-One Gun, a new long-distance board

F-One have just launched something completely different, while everyone is busy working on foil boards from out of no where this interesting concept has popped up from the left field! It’s a board designed to travel long distances, and as more and more kitesurfers take part in expeditions and events like the Defi Wind in France it seems perfectly reasonable to produce a board made for that style of riding. We’re told it’s fast, comfortable and smooth through the chop and ocean going swells. Don’t take our word for it though, below is the full PR from F-One…

Long Distance Gun: A concept board?

This is a special occasion as it is a historic board that we are now presenting!
The conception of this gun started in 2005. At that time, the great downwind races were looking promising: leaving downwind full speed onto the open sea with winds blowing above 30 kts appeared as the most thrilling discipline. We have therefore developed this specific gun shape but the trend then evolved towards windward/leeward, inshore racing.

Deeply passionate about the offshore courses we have carried on our developments with great results:

  • Alex Caizergues and Charlotte Consorti have trusted the top places on the podium of the Leucate Mondial-du-Vent long distance race for almost ten years.
  • Alex has won the 2014 Defi Kite in Gruissan on the production board. Alex has also won countless long distance races across those years, including the Cape Town and Perth events.
  • I have myself crossed the Gulf of Lion twice (100 miles per crossing) and established a record run in 2007 between France’s mainland and Corsica in 5h 17min.
  • These gun boards have since been used for crossings on the open ocean between Mauritius and La Reunion islands or by Serge Occhipinti between the Martinique and St. Martin islands. With such a successful record, these boards have always been in demand but we were jealously keeping the secrets of their great shape! With the demand growing further recently we have decided to start a production run to satisfy all those passionate about long distance.
Alex Caizergues has been very influential in the development of this board and has already won lots of races on it.

Alex Caizergues has been very influential in the development of this board and has already won lots of races on it.

On the Water:
200 x 43,5cm, there is now doubt this gun is shaped to achieve high speeds and hold its line in tough conditions. The board planes on its central section located between the feet featuring a locally straight rocker for speed and accelerations with a massive concave to eat the chop. The tail is slightly lifted to ease the ride in the most difficult sea states while the pronounced forward scoop helps with control and avoiding digging the nose.

A lot of work went into packing more comfort into this board as relieving the back leg pressure is absolutely necessary to maintain high speeds on distances exceeding 100km on the same tack. The board is therefore thick under the front foot but super thin under the rear foot. This helps you keep your back leg straighter which reduces the stresses. A lower volume at the back also helps with high speed control.

The board is fitted with a set of tri-fins shaped for high speed. Their moderate depth is ideal for high speeds and their placement is refined to the mm. Equally able to maintain average speeds of 20kts on 100miles or to reach top speeds of 30kts this gun is the perfect weapon for all those who cannot help but head for the open seas!

The radically different F-One Gun!

The radically different F-One Gun!

Size: 6’7’’ x 17”Dimensions: 200 X 43,5 CM
Volume: 26 L
Weight: 3.95 KG*
Fins: Long distance Thruster set

The price of the Gun is 999€.

Tue 26th May, 2015 @ 7:00 pm

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