Now for something completely different. We just love this. In a world of ‘me too’ edits and Go-pro footage it’s nice to see someone taking the creative bull by the horns and rolling with it. Ok it’s only short but we’d like to see what they could do with reels of solid footage to work with.

Directed by Mohamed Dhouibi
Edited by Thomas Giard
Designed by Mohamed Dhouibi
FX: Mohamed Dhouibi, Thomas Giard, Florie Tarot,
Camera: Mohamed Hamaini
Rider: Mohamed Dhouibi a.k.a Père Canard
Musique: Nightcall by Kavinsky,
Special thanks to Amelie Locksy (my suggestion and drop boxes), Anquetil Bros (Thibault and Quentin), Thomas Giard, ZephControl

Mon 8th Dec, 2014 @ 1:00 pm

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