Often this sort of thing goes on behind the scenes and un-noticed, which is a shame! Etienne Lhote has been championing the “Next Generation” at F-One for a few years. The events are a chance for the young guns to learn from someone who has been there and done it all before, he and some other pros mentor the kids on how to behave and how to ride better and generally help then to grow into well rounded people. Plus there is a decent amount of kitesurfing thrown in!

Well done Etienne and the F-One crew!

Cisil OZEN, Katie BOWCUTT, Javier JIMENEZ, Maxime CHABLOZ, Jop HEEMSKERK, Nikolaj HOLMLUND, Lucas TARIN, Lazare GOURNAY, kilian BLUMBERG and Nicolas DELMAS.

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INDIAN SUMMER – BLOOD CULTURES (www.bloodcultures.bandcamp.com)
GIT DOWN – FLO FILZ (soundcloud.com/flofills)
SUR LA PLANCHE – LA FEMME (www.lafemme.bandcamp.com)

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