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Kitesurfing Reviews - Griffin MMIX 10,5 2009
Kitesurfing Reviews - Griffin MMIX 10,5 2009
Griffin MMIX

Griffin Kiteboarding was born out of the flames, as it were, of Monkey Kites. Monkey kites were the brainchild of Saul Griffith who started producing kites back in 2000. It seems the case with a lot of the smaller brands this year that quality has really stepped up a notch and that you will be getting a lot of bang…

Issue 14

Cold weather and a lack of wind has put a halt to our testing schedule, but as soon as the wind picked up we were back out there. Feast your eyes on yet more 2009 kites to play with!

13 years ago

Griffin Kites closed its doors end mid 2018.

Its been an amazing ride and thank you, but it is simply not financially viable to keep it going. Heres to amazing memories and friends during the journey. Time for a new path...

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