5 years ago

It's Monday, and that means it is time for the Intriguing Beings Podcast! This week Rou is chatting to Lewis Crathern, the big air mastermind...

6 years ago

Lewis Crathern takes us to the famous island of Penghu - After some time out, I head to Asia starting with Taiwan. It's my second...

6 years ago

A MUST WATCH edit of Lewis Crathern's King Of The Air 2018. Massive congrats on a well deserved 3rd place! It's time, RedBull King of...

6 years ago

VLOG update from Lewis Crathern: I'm in need of a break from the busy beaches in Cape Town. Kiteboarding at my secret spot is magical...

6 years ago

Looks like Lewis Crathern has got something new up his sleeves! We're excited to see it! It’s time for something new in Kiteboarding.

6 years ago

We really feel like Lewis Cratherns VLOG's are going to be a big thing! Join Lewis for his first session of the year in Cape...

7 years ago

Tune in to see Lewis Crathern's second VLOG. A lack of wind during my first few weeks in Cape town forces me to look elsewhere...

7 years ago

Jump in the front seat with Andreas Lagopoulos as he breaks down the Uncharted Kite Sessions Cabarete Women's Camp, featuring guest coaches Colleen Carroll and...

7 years ago

One year ago, a promising young talent from Singapore started the adventure to became the next best Asian kiteboarder in the world. At the age...

Issue 73

Lewis Crathern has been to Egypt more times than he cares to mention, however, it wasn’t until his latest trip to Dahab that he felt he truly discovered the real Egypt. Forget the tourist spots and the pyramids; this is as authentic as it gets right here.

5 years ago

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