Best Kitesurfing Video of 2016

Best Kitesurfing Video of 2016

Readers Awards 2016

8 years ago

When I reach the age of 100 I hope I’m going to be as full of life as Nels, check him out as his buddies...

8 years ago

While this movie wasn’t released on the web, plenty of kitesurfers have seen it and the trailer was hugely popular on our site. It’s an...

2 years ago

Experience the afterglow of Jake Kelsick riding the light winds of Antigua on North Kiteboarding's latest Code Zero! The code zero is pretty unreal. I...

8 years ago

Simply stunning is a great way to describe this film, Crag Cunningham and Colleen Carroll head to Watamu in Kenya and discover a paradise for...

8 years ago

Sky Solbach, Reno Romeu and Tom Hebert take on the frigid waters of Patagonia in this edit from North Kiteboarding. Filming the new Rebel in...

8 years ago

We loved this edit purely for the level the girls were pushing; it’s so incredible to see the ladies side of the sport progress so...

8 years ago

Don’t let the title fool you, while the footage is from 2015 the video was uploaded in the middle of 2016, I guess it took...

8 years ago

One of the best wakestyle shredits of the season Noè Font put together this amazing film from Hood River this year. With a sublime intro...

8 years ago

Join the F-One crew as they head out to Mauritius for their annual photoshoot and video edit. As ever this is a hugely impressive production...

8 years ago

It’s not often you get gifted a full feature film in this world. Thankfully Tom Court and the crew have your back and this is...

8 years ago

There are two amazing things about this video, number one is the riding, Aaron once again delivers with an edit that is all killer and...

8 years ago

Filmed over the summer in the Columbia Hood River Gorge the Cabrinha crew set about showcasing everything this place has to offer and demonstrating why...

8 years ago

Arguably one of the craziest stunts in this years line up and Nick Jacobsen is no where to be seen. Round the world sailor Alex...

3 years ago

If you're on a really tight budget but need a new twin tip, here's an idea for you! Tom Court adds another deck in his...

8 years ago

Hannah Whiteley has to be one of the most popular female riders on the planet and her big budget films never disappoint. Andre Magarao comes...

8 years ago

Charlotte Consorti and Bruno Dubosq head out to Boa Vista in this stunning edit that has all the hallmarks of an amazing kitesurfing movie! Amazing...

8 years ago

Brandon Scheid has an infectious personality, and what we love about this edit is the stoked he exudes while on the water. All to often...

5 years ago

The 2019 Wind Voyager Triple-S Open is complete! Just in case you missed it - check out this highlight video to watch all the action!...

8 years ago

When you make wetsuits, you can’t really go and test them in the Caribbean! The Manera crew head to Iceland to get cold and try...

8 years ago

Rob Kidnie heads out to Indo armed with just two kites and two boards. He then rents a motorbike and heads of on a journey...

8 years ago

Check out this west coast shredfest from some of the biggest hitters in the strapless scene in the US. This is a no holds barred...

8 years ago

Prolific content generator Jeremie Tronet is back with a slick edit from the Grenadines where he lives. The colours of the sky and sea are...

8 years ago

Cape Town treated us to one of the best King Of The Air events in recent memory this year, the wind finally blew and the...

8 years ago

Dmitry Evseev has made a few films this year, but none of them compare to this clip, which puts you right in the heart of...

8 years ago

Proving that the Frenchies have the moves down when it comes to hydrofoil jiggery pokery Stephane Goffinet steps up to the plate in this edit....

8 years ago

Serial booster Kevin Langeree heads out with some windsurfing buddies and sends some absolutely huge airs over the top of them. With over a thousand...

8 years ago

Reo Stevens takes another look at how similar kitesurfing and surfing are, if this edit doesn’t convince you that are sports are perfectly aligned then...

8 years ago

Greg Drexler came out on top as far as the likes were concerned this year with his almost poetic foiling video filmed on Maui. Some...

8 years ago

Imagine jetting off, jumping on a catamaran and touring around a remote part of the Pacific for a few weeks. Jason Slezak, Reo Stevens and...


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