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2 weeks ago

Go go Oli Sweeney!

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3 weeks ago

Congratulations to #npsurf #cabrinha Pro Rider Nick Jacobsen.
2017 Red Bull King of the Air Champion

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NP Surf shared Christian & Karine Kitesurf Clinics - CKperfomance Clinics's photo.
3 weeks ago

Learn something new today.

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NP Surf added 2 new photos.
3 weeks ago

Congratulations Nick Jacobsen on winning Red Bull King of the Air 2017! Legend.

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NP Surf updated their cover photo.
3 weeks ago
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1 month ago


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Check out NP team rider Nick Jacobsen. 2016 Male Rider of the Year. #npsurf #npteamrider #rockstar #redbullkingoftheair #cabrinhakites

Aesthetically engineered waterwear and accessories from NeilPryde.
The thirst for water.

The longing for it, insatiable. The image of it, mercurial and hypnotic. A feeling that's no longer satisfied just by drinking it.

The oceans have become our most visceral and inspiring playground.
Unlimited freedom. Infinite possibilities.
Wide open liquid metaphors of self-discovery and reliance.

Out there, the thirst is finally satisfied.

We know this because, like you, we've always had an obsession for water. We've invested 40 years in finding new ways to improve our relationship with water on every level, so that ultimately we can have more time with it, on it, and in it.

The result is a new line of aesthetically engineered water-sports equipment that has earned its respect from water.

Waterborne, technical, functional. Developed to enhance the performance and appearance of an increasingly thirsty breed of explorers and adventurers like you, who are not just looking to push the boundaries, but to blur them as well.

On water, off water, NP is tested hard on board, kite, paddle, sail, and just as important – street.

Because it's only good enough for you, if it's good enough for us first.

Whatever your ride, wherever you're riding, keep the thirst alive.

NP – waterborne performance.
The water recognises its own.

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Kitesurfing Reviews - NP Surf Mission Front Zip 5/4/3mm 2015
Kitesurfing Reviews - NP Surf Mission Front Zip 5/4/3mm 2015
NP Surf Mission Front Zip

The Mission Front Zip from NP is aimed at the rider looking for unrestricted movement and extreme warmth. The range features a 6/5/4 full hooded suit as well as a couple of thinner summer suits. In addition, fo...

Mens Wetsuits
Kitesurfing Reviews - NP Surf Serene Back Zip 5/4/3mm 2015
Kitesurfing Reviews - NP Surf Serene Back Zip 5/4/3mm 2015
NP Surf Serene Back Zip

Neil Pryde have a long history in the watersports industry, and the NP accessories brand is the more recent, edgy side of the brand aimed at a variety of watersports enthusiasts, in particular kitesurfers. The...

Ladies Wetsuits
6 hours ago | 3:36

One handed surf kiting with a GoPro in your hand! Dmitry Evseev makes it look easy and as alway's makes all of us jealous with those exceptional conditions in...

2 days ago | 02:36

Join Vera Klabbers for two minutes of action packed kiting in Brazil. She's got some serious style on those unhooked manoeuvres! This year I visited Brasil for...

7 days ago | 8:27

You just don't see kite films like this very much! Make sure you watch this stunning edit of Liam Whaley doing his thing in Greece. Exceptional cinematography...

1 week ago | 03:26

We don't know a lot about this youngster but he's definitely shredding big waves on his strapless board in Reunion Island! Nice and relaxing edit for your Sun...

1 week ago | 1:32

It doesn't get much better than this! Join Dmitry Evseev for some more epic waves in Mauritius. We just can't believe how often this guy gets out on the water...

2 weeks ago | 2:28

As always the waves in Mauritius look second to none! So smooth. Watch as Dmitry Evseev makes the most of the epic conditions. 100% GoPro video by Dmitry Evse...

2 weeks ago | 03:08

This edit goes to show that the Cabrinha Fireball works well so unhooked tricks! Have you tried it yet? Freezing, Freaking, Fireball test session! 3 spots in a...

3 weeks ago | 03:32

Check out this film of an amazing kitetrip from France to the Canary Islands with a campervan! That is a hell of a long drive (and ferry trip) but well wort...

1 month ago | 3:41

This is kitesurfing heaven! Dmitry Evseev is at it yet again making the most of the exceptional conditions in Mauritius. This drone footage is outstanding, mak...

2 months ago | 2:10

Join Damien Leroy as he explores the Unknown of Alaska while sending some serious maneuvers under his snow kite! This spot looks absolutely stunning! Shot 100%...

2 months ago | 1:56

Dmitry Evseev is at it again with more incredible Mauritius footage! Will he ever have a break? This one looks like a different kind of party wave!...

2 months ago | 5:13

Join Brandon Bowe in his second Vlog: adventures of kitesurfing in St. John, part of the American Virgin islands. Looks like a spectacular place for a kitesur...

Issue 61

We are all different, and that's what makes life so interesting. Find out what strange things can happen when you take a bunch of pro riders and head out into the wilds of Africa to do a photo shoot…

3 weeks ago
Issue 61

Moves for everyone here, from the simple Twin Tip Duck Tack to the more ambitious DarkslideBackroll Christian and Karine have once again excelled themselves this issue!

3 weeks ago
Issue 60

Christian and Karine are back, fresh from a few weeks coaching in Brazil their blood might be mostly Caipirinha's but their hearts still want you to improve your riding, find out what tricks they have in store for you this issue right here…

3 months ago
Issue 59

Sometimes you just can’t find the time to kitesurf, life gets on top of you, and the stars don’t align but don’t worry, when you do finally get on the water it will be just as awesome as ever!

4 months ago
Issue 59

The Cabrinha Fireball was the first “game changer”, what do you make of it though? We asked Pete Cabrinha the questions you put on social media, do his responses convince you to get on board?

4 months ago
Issue 59

Christian and Karine provide you with yet more kitesurfing inspiration with three new tricks to add to your repertoire this issue, which move is going to tickle your fancy and which move is going to have you crashing harder than sterling next time you hit the beach?

4 months ago
Issue 59

More images with no particular place to go this issue!

4 months ago
Issue 58

Christian and Karine are just relentless; three more new moves to learn this issue. Start off easy with the Double Grab –Tail to Nose, then step up to the Blind Underturn Transition and if you get that dialled check out the Indy Front Loop Downloop Transition!

7 months ago
Issue 58

Lindsay McClure chats to Silke Caswell, she moved to Venezuela a few years back and now calls it home…

7 months ago
Issue 57

Hailing from the US, Matt Elsasser is a shredder of the highest order, he’s as comfortable in the barrel as he is punting huge airs over punchy waves, we catch up with him and find out what makes him tick.

9 months ago
Issue 57

Christian and Karine are at it once again; it’s a wonder how they come up with this stuff! This issue master the Roast Beef Front Loop, Foot Plant Transitions and the No Grab Front Foot One Foot, seriously it is a thing!

9 months ago
Issue 57

Did we make you famous and did you win a T-Shirt?

9 months ago
2 years ago

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GoPro Hero 5 Black Action Camera

Issue 60 Sun 5th Feb, 2017

GoPro Hero 5 Black Action Camera


Issue 59 Mon 5th Dec, 2016

GoPro Hero 5 Black Action Camera


Issue 58 Thu 13th Oct, 2016

Fireball Set Up with an Apollo Kite from Cabrinha


Issue 57 Tue 11th Oct, 2016

Blade Trigger 10m Kite


Issue 56 Sun 12th Jun, 2016

Board and Boot Set Up from Liquid Force


Issue 55 Sat 9th Apr, 2016

Nobile NHP Split Kiteboard


Issue 54 Sat 6th Feb, 2016

Wetsuit and Harness from Manera


Issue 53 Tue 10th Feb, 2015

Ride Engine Harness!


Issue 52 Wed 7th Oct, 2015

Prize Pack from TSHOTSH

Guy, Vince

Issue 51 Thu 13th Aug, 2015

Wainman Hawaii ManiaC Kite


Issue 50 Thu 4th Jun, 2015

Liquid Force Legacy Board


Issue 49 Fri 10th Apr, 2015

Slingshot Vision Board


Issue 48 Fri 30th Jan, 2015

Blade Mist Kite and Bar


Issue 47 Mon 8th Dec, 2014

2015 Core GTS3 8m Kite and Bar


Issue 46 Wed 8th Oct, 2014

Ozone Reo Wave Kite


Issue 45 Mon 4th Aug, 2014

Brunotti Board and a Pair of Sunglasses


Issue 44 Mon 9th Jun, 2014

Dakine Harness and Travel Bag


Issue 43 Tue 1st Apr, 2014

Manera EXO Harness and Goodies!


Issue 42 Thu 30th Jan, 2014

North Gonzales Kite Board!


Issue 41 Mon 2nd Dec, 2013

Best Spark Plug Kite Board


Issue 40 Wed 9th Oct, 2013

Kiteloose Fatty Surfboard


Issue 39 Thu 1st Aug, 2013

GoPro HD Hero 3 Silver Edition


Issue 38 Sat 1st Jun, 2013

CrazyFly Sculp 9m Kite and Sick Bar System


Issue 37 Sun 31st Mar, 2013

Kitesurf Holiday Experience with Kirsty Jones


Issue 36 Sat 2nd Feb, 2013

2013 F-One Bandit 6 9m Kite


Issue 35 Mon 3rd Dec, 2012

Soul Drysuit by Ocean Rodeo


Issue 34 Mon 1st Oct, 2012

2013 Mystic Wetsuit and Harness


Issue 33 Sun 5th Aug, 2012

Wainman Joke Kitesurfing Board


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