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Coche Kite Sports posted a video
1 week ago

CKS started in Dec 2003 and closed in March 2018 with a fantastic 15years of teaching kiteboarding, having fun & being part of 8 incredible world class kite events in coche
Thanks to all those that kited with us, partied with us and enjoyed our little piece of Paradise.
Keep an eye on the next chapter of what is coming from the CKS Family.

Coche Kite Sports posted a photo
2 months ago

What a great week of riding and teaching this amazing sport of #kiteboarding
#tenerife was rocking
Its a pleasure to use all the best equipment from #duotonekiteboarding along with the best coaching devise on the market from #bbtalkin
See you soon @duotoneprocenter

Coche Kite Sports posted a photo
3 months ago

Its been around for a long time but so few #kiters really have tried it!!
@duotoneprocenter & the #founder of #kiteboarding in #Venezuela #chrisvalentine will make the steps easy and safe to get you up and flying very soon
So get in touch for more info about #clinic dates or #privatecoaching


Coche Kite Sports posted a photo
4 months ago

Still living it as a Pro Kite Coach, Now in Tenerife @ Duotone Pro Center
Come & learn to fly high

Coche Kite Sports posted a video
8 months ago

I am sure you have seen that CKS is closed but now we are based in #elmedano #tenerife Duotoneprocenter with all New 2019 #kiteboarding #windsurfing #surfing #paddlebaording equipment from the best brands in the #world #duotone #ionsports #fanaticwindsurfing

Coche Kite Sports posted a photo
1 year ago

Eso es el primero paso a nuestro nuevo proyecto por el verano!
Secundo paso viene en el fin de Octubre con todo los juguetes nuevos
#megamarca #nuevo #megacentro #todoparaunbuenvacaciones #elmedano #tenerife

Coche Kite Sports posted a photo
1 year ago

Que gent穩o @wet_watersports por la inauguraci籀n de la tienda en #cabezo #elmedano #tenerife #megatienda #todolosjugetes #kite #windsurf #surf #sup #skate

Coche Kite Sports posted a video
1 year ago

Its only been 5 years and we remember it as if it was yesterday @the 3era Festival de Kite #isladecoche #venezuela.
See you on the water and remember,
Be Safe, Have fun & Fly High ;))

Coche Kite Sports posted a video
1 year ago

Its amazing to think how many great times we had as the Coche kite Family with so many amazing people around us showing what a good time we can have on and off the water;)

Be Safe, Have Fun, Fly High
The Most Complete Kite Center in Venezuela offering the latest equipment, headzone radio coaching, high level personalised tution along with a beach front club overlooking the kite area.
Sports and recreation venue

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Area de Kitesurf- Playa la Punta
San pedro, Isla de Coche,

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