Francisco Lufinha

Francisco Lufinha

Pro Rider | 43,252

3 years ago

The World Record for the longest uninterrupted kiteboarding journey by a two-person team is under attack. Portugal's Francisco Lufinha and Germany's Anke Brandt are attempting…

6 years ago

What is the longest session you have ever had kitesurfing? I think mine is about 5 hours, which was a marathon in itself, but 36…

6 years ago

12 hours non-stop kiting to cover 306km of open water. It takes a special breed of kitesurfer to even tackle a journey like that. Francisco…

Issue 65

Anke Brandt and Francisco Lufinha just successfully completed a 1,646 km open water crossing, from Ponta Delgada to mainland Portugal, and clinched a new world record! Don’t miss Ten Questions about how these two conquered the open sea!

3 years ago

Francisco Lufinha is an extreme Kitesurfer and world record holder aiming to overcome the limits of oceanic Kitesurfing without stops. Francisco Lufinha holds the World record for the Longest Kitesurf journey without stops and is aiming to try longer crossings. Stay tuned! O Francisco Lufinha detém o record do mundo para a maior viagem de kitesurf sem paragens e tem como objectivo fazer travessias ainda maiores. Mantenha-se atento! kitesurf sailing extreme sports adventure ocean Sportsperson

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