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1 month ago

Eating mackerel 🐠 is sustainable!! We have it all year round in the portuguese sea.
Proud to be part of this campaign of Carapau é Boa Onda 😉👏

Docapesca - Portos e Lotas, S.A.Oceanário de LisboaOceano Azul Foundation

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2 months ago

Júlio Dantas high school after an inspiring Lufinha School Tour session!

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2 months ago

Actually, we live on Planet OCEAN

Happy World Oceans Day!

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2 months ago

AZORES GREEN 🌿 won the best destination film 🏆 at Finisterra 2019 international film festival 😎 hoorayyy!
🎬 You can see it online at 🎥

Thank you Visit Azores and HumanEyes for helping make this story happen!

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3 months ago

Congratulations Oceanário de Lisboa, a few days late because I was at sea 😂
It is an honor to be part of your team so that together we can contribute to preserve the ocean!

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3 months ago

Uma honra para mim ter inspirado os Visionários Optivisão 😎 no seu encontro anual 💪💪💪
🔎 🇵🇹
🔎 🇬🇧

Francisco Lufinha is at Meia Praia Lagos Algarve.
Francisco Lufinha is at Meia Praia Lagos Algarve.
4 months ago

Quase a 2 semanas do desafio mais puxado de desportos náuticos do mundo - Water Kings na Meia Praia em Lagos! 12h non stop, pela noite dentro.
Se queres participar e não tens equipa manda email para Ainda vais a tempo!

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4 months ago

Water Kings' registrations end next Sunday, run for it! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Municipio de Lagos

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5 months ago

RED is the last episode of the Azores ⛰ Outdoor Stories. Where we found the greatest contrast between serenity and agitation. This story was lived in São Miguel and Santa Maria islands. Check the full story at 👇

Lufinha Yacht Charter HumanEyes Visit Azores

This episode would not be possible without our local partners 💪 A big thank you to:
Futurismo Azores Whale Watching
Bicicletaria Azores
Poça da Dona Beija
Clube Asas de São Miguel

Francisco Lufinha is an extreme Kitesurfer and world record holder aiming to overcome the limits of oceanic Kitesurfing without stops.
Francisco Lufinha holds the World record for the Longest Kitesurf journey without stops and is aiming to try longer crossings. Stay tuned!
O Francisco Lufinha detém o record do mundo para a maior viagem de kitesurf sem paragens e tem como objectivo fazer travessias ainda maiores. Mantenha-se atento!
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2 years ago

The World Record for the longest uninterrupted kiteboarding journey by a two-person team is under attack. Portugal's Francisco Lufinha and Germany's Anke Brandt are attempting…

4 years ago | 3:21

What is the longest session you have ever had kitesurfing? I think mine is about 5 hours, which was a marathon in itself, but 36…

5 years ago | 2:6

12 hours non-stop kiting to cover 306km of open water. It takes a special breed of kitesurfer to even tackle a journey like that. Francisco…

Issue 65

Anke Brandt and Francisco Lufinha just successfully completed a 1,646 km open water crossing, from Ponta Delgada to mainland Portugal, and clinched a new world record! Don’t miss Ten Questions about how these two conquered the open sea!

2 years ago

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