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Florian Trittel

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3 months ago

Made it to the medal race at the European Championship!
Sitting in 8th position overall, 6th europeans 🕺🤠
One race left, on live TV at 15:40h 📺


#nowornever #top10 #europeanchampionship #nacra17 #vamoloshavale

Florian Trittel posted a photo
5 months ago

... and we keep pushing 💪🏾💨
That moment when you cross the line in first place and you realize you were over early at the start 😭😅
#dreamteam @gil.conde #headsup #gunsout
Nice shot @sailingenergy 📸🤠

Florian Trittel posted a photo
5 months ago

Some foiling action during the @trofeosofia
Racing until the end of the week ⛵️💨
@gil.conde #dreamteam #foilingeveryday

Florian Trittel posted a photo
5 months ago

Man in ⚫️.

#kitefoil #flyingsardine #daysoffathome #daysoffat35knots @zhikaustraliaSailing Energy

Florian Trittel - Athlete Page shared a post.
2 years ago

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Florian Trittel posted a photo
2 years ago

Advancing to the finals 💨💨💨
#vamosgallos 💪@spanishimpulse @rbyac #Bermuda

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