NeilPryde Serene Back Zip 5/4/3mm 2015 Kitesurfing Review

NeilPryde Serene Back Zip 5/4/3mm 2015

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Neil Pryde have a long history in the watersports industry, and the NP accessories brand is the more recent, edgy side of the brand aimed at a variety of watersports enthusiasts, in particular kitesurfers.

The Serene Back Zip suit (there is also a Front Zip version of the same name), is the women’s premium offering. It’s a classic looking wetsuit, with a smooth skin chest panel, regular seams and styling and is available in two colour options, the navy/soda/pink we have on test here, and a more demure grey and mint green choice.

Before you even make it as far as getting a leg into the suit, you will have noticed the plush, smooth feel of the neoprene. This is down to the Apex-Plus neoprene that NP have used. It’s super-stretchy (25% more is the claim) and has a really silky nature thanks to the outer jersey that contains more spandex, as a result aiding flex and feel. (There’s a reason everyone in the 80’s wore it for doing aerobics!)

The stretch of the suit certainly makes it comfortable and, despite being the thickest in the range at 5/4/3mm, it has a huge amount of flexibility and feels like a second skin once you’ve got it on.

Snug fitting cuffs and hems combined with elasticated Velcro ankle straps, and the E3 Entry system, which is a pull-over internal back panel, all help to prevent flushing through the suit when you crash. Should water inevitably get in, there are neat Aquavents at each ankle to prevent ballooning in the legs.

The suit fitted well and the materials and build quality feels high. As with all wetsuits, it’s advisable to try a few on before you buy. Different cuts, designs, brands and styles will suit certain shapes better than others. The Serene suit certainly has a decent female cut, and with the stretchy neoprene was comfortable and snug in the right places.

On the water the wrist, neck and ankle seals work well keeping the chilly water at bay. The chest panel of the suit has a Fireline insulation layer, which is quick-drying and soft. It feels nice against the skin and, more importantly, keeps your core warm. Bamboo Charcoal fibres have been incorporated into the wetsuit lining to prevent bacteria and odour build up in the suit, a welcome feature!

The Serene is an exceedingly warm suit with an impressive range of movement to get you through the windy winter months. NP have come up trumps with the quality of materials and the soft feel of the Apex neoprene is a lovely touch. Definitely try one on if you are in the market for a new suit for the winter.

This review was in Issue 47 of IKSURFMAG.

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