Mystic Diva 5/4mm 2014 Kitesurfing Review

Mystic Diva 5/4mm 2014

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The Diva wetsuit from Mystic is their top of the range female specific offering. It features all the attention to detail that is present in the men’s line-up, yet in a suit designed for the female figure. It’s great that women’s specific products are now on a par with men’s for technical features, and this suit is loaded with them!

Mystic wetsuits are made with their Feather Lite Neoprene, which as the name implies, makes their wetsuits lighter weight. This is to do with larger air cells and less density in the suit. That, combined with the Teddy-Prene fleece lining layer, produces a suit that is exceedingly warm and snug. Don’t be put off by the fact it’s only a 5/4mm wetsuit, the technology behind and within the neoprene creates a suit much warmer than the thickness suggests.

Putting the suit on you instantly feel the benefits of the Teddy-Prene lining, it’s soft and comfortable. There’s a smooth skin panel on the front of the suit helping to prevent any wind-chill to your chest, and an internal back panel that acts like a shield from any water that tries to sneak through the zip. Velcro ankle straps stop any water spray attacking your legs, whilst an Aquaflush panel on the legs and drainage holes at the small of your back mean any unwanted water that does happen to flush in can flow right back out again.

Stretchy ribbed knee panels keep the suit flexible and the smooth roll-over finish to the neck gives a good seal and also means no nasty rubbing. You’ll also continue to smell of roses (because all girls do, obviously), as the suit is treated by Polygiene, an odour control system using natural silver salt to inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria. Silver has long been used as an antimicrobial in a variety of industrial, healthcare and domestic appliances and is the active ingredient used in Polygiene to stop the odour at the source, rather than absorbing it as some other ‘anti-odour’ systems do. All-in-all, it’s very effective.

A whole host of other features such as liquid seals on the external seams, a handy key pocket, a rear Velcro patch to stop the zipper pull flying about and thwacking you in the face, the spec sheet is endless. Our only request would be a Tall size option in the range so you can get the fit exact. Other than that it’s a very flexible, incredibly toasty wetsuit, with an option of colours should you not be a ‘pink’ kind of girl (but still like to smell of roses!)

This review was in Issue 41 of IKSURFMAG.


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By Mary Booth
Mary has been kitesurfing since 2006, she became and instructor in 2007 and travelled the world teaching the sport that she loves! She joined the IKSURFMAG team in 2008 and has been testing ladies kitesurfing equipment and writing articles from a woman's perspective ever since!

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