Manera Meteor X10D Ladies Shorty LS 3/2mm 2016 Kitesurfing Review

Manera Meteor X10D Ladies Shorty LS 3/2mm 2016

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At A Glance

This ladies shorty from Manera oozes style but also features all the tech found in the men's suit, which is a refreshing change in terms of female wetsuit design, often we get lesser quality materials and features due to the lower number of sales. Thankfully Manera have gone all out with this suit, and it is packed with useful technology for the more feminine shape! First up is the 3D Design technique is a method of taking a 3D shape of the body and then transferring that to a 2D piece of neoprene to be laser cut. Then, when the suit is stitched together, the suit takes the original 3D shape of the body. This offers a superior fit, and where wetsuits are concerned fit is everything.

The long sleeve shorty we have on test here uses the X10D material is made from three components. First S Foam neoprene is bonded to the Re-Flex outer skin, this is extremely stretchy but also offers a robust layer to protect the S-Foam. Then the X10D inner jersey is added to provide a smooth, soft material to sit against your skin. Again this material offers excellent manoeuvrability and extreme comfort.

The laser cut panels are then glued, and blind stitched and finally SD2 Tape is used to completely seal the inner seams and offer the best stretch and waterproofing available. The legs and wrists are then Fusion Cut which bonds the three layers of neoprene without the need for extra stitching. Sealing prints are used on the inside of the legs and wrists, and a Hanger Tolerance Print is added to the shoulders so the wetsuit can be hung up when wet without overstretching the material.

On The Water

These short leg style suits seem to be all the rage at the moment, and I'm a big fan, they give a much more feminine look, while still keeping you warm. The materials used in this suit are ridiculously comfortable, and it feels great when it is on. It's like a second skin and doesn't restrict the way you move or hold you back during your tricks.

The leg seals are very tight; I guess different shapes will have different experiences, while comfortable I found I had to pull the leg away from my skin to release any water that got trapped inside. Other than that though I loved the suit and have been wearing it whenever the weather is warm enough, or whenever I am lucky enough to kite in a hot country!


A stylish, and dare I say it sexy little suit from Manera for the ladies. It's not often we get to look good in wetsuits, so it's great to see products like this on the market. Filled with tech, in fact just as much tech as the men's suit this is a well thought out and high-quality product.


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By Mary Booth
Mary has been kitesurfing since 2006, she became and instructor in 2007 and travelled the world teaching the sport that she loves! She joined the IKSURFMAG team in 2008 and has been testing ladies kitesurfing equipment and writing articles from a woman's perspective ever since!

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