Mystic Force Drysuit 2013 Kitesurfing Review

Mystic Force Drysuit 2013

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At A Glance

The first thing that strikes you about the Force dry suit is the quality of the construction. It’s made from a waterproof and breathable 3-layer laminated fabric, and has reinforced areas on the knees and 'derriere'. The seams have been stitched and tapes and there is a strong Velcro flap over the waterproof zip to make sure there is nowhere for the water to find a way in.

It’s a loose fitting suit, but it is still shaped so as not to have masses of fabric hanging around you. The sizing being enough to keep you fully able to bend and flex, without feeling like you’re wearing a potato sack.

The suit has been created for, in their words “die-hards who don’t want to pay attention to the weather”, and it really does strike you as being the business for those icy cold days.

On the Water

This offering from Mystic will provide lovely ‘dry’ kiting conditions (on the inside at least), and whilst it will give protection from the wind chill factor it is worth noting that traditional dry suits such as these are not awfully warm on their own. To keep it lightweight and mobile there is no insulation so you will need to wear a thermal layer or two underneath. The beauty of this is that you can wear as much or as little as you like depending on how cold it is.

The suit has adjustable internal braces to keep it help up and fitting correctly, and once you’ve squeezed your head and limbs through the rubber seals it’s really quite comfortable. Opening and closing the zip requires some assistance, as it is right across the back and is impossible to do alone.

Wearing the suit for the first time I was impressed by just how warm it kept me, and how comfortable it was. The material didn’t get heavy or drag me down and it really did do what it says on the tin and keep me dry. Since then it has been a fantastic accompaniment to some winter kite sessions when we would have otherwise stayed at home. One word of advice though, make sure you have emptied your bladder before you get suited up. If you need to pee you have to remove the whole top half, including the arms. If your mate who helped get you in is already on the water this may cause problems!


Performs to all it’s promises and is comfortable at the same time. Great for those who want to get out on the water, even when the air and sea temperatures are suggesting otherwise. An Added bonus is that the suit also dries quicker than a wetsuit too! It’s a very impressive bit of kiting attire!

This review was in Issue 37 of IKSURFMAG.


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