Xenon Rayo 134 x 41cm 2009 Kitesurfing Review

Xenon Rayo 134 x 41cm 2009

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At a Glance

Xenon are a new company hailing from Poland, a country that has always been famous for its board manufacture. Set up by a group of friends all mad on kitesurfing there are a few things that set Xenon apart from some of the other niche brands out there. Firstly, the construction is up there with some of the best boards on the market, wood cores and solid laminates should get you excited. Secondly, the team behind the designs all love to kite and all use the boards. Lastly, they have some real style about them. Quite often we see boards that frankly would make a baby cry. Not the case with Xenon. Classic styling will appeal to all comers and we think they have the “look” just about perfect. The fittings are also great, comfy straps and pads with solid G10 fins. The Rayo is their intermediate level board aimed at the improving kiter. It has a classic outline and a fairly deep concave on the underside that washes out towards the tips. The deck shape is a no frills affair, but it looks clean and refined. There are some step caps around the fins, but aside from that it is a clean uncluttered affair.

On the Water

The Rayo is quite wide, 41cm to be precise. This extra width helps to get the board up and planing very early on. The ride is very smooth, the Rayo has quite a soft flex to it and this flex soaks up all the lumps and bumps while you cruise around enjoying a very smooth ride. It is an easy board to ride and will happily fly upwind too, helped by the solid 5cm fins and the concave underside. It isn’t the fastest board on the planet, but when you are at that improving level you’ll find this board allows you the time to think about your tricks, rather than being a blistering hell ride that’s scaring the cr@p out of you! Jumping is good, although the soft flex still reigns in the pop power. The Rayo is an easy board to jump with that is forgiving of any mistakes from the rider. Landing tricks on the super wide platform though is an absolute pleasure, the extra size also makes it very forgiving allowing for mistakes to be made with the kite during your landings.


Easy, smooth ride, awesome styling that will appeal to most, a real head turner down the beach. If you want a board to improve your kitesurfing, one that will forgive rather than punish, this is it!


More advanced riders may want something a little stiffer, like the La Luz.


The Rayo is a great freeride board, it is really easy to ride and very forgiving. If you want something that will improve your riding style then this is worth a look.

This review was in Issue 15 of IKSURFMAG.

For more information visit Xenon


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