Kiteloose Woody 140 x 45cm 2010 Kitesurfing Review

Kiteloose Woody 140 x 45cm 2010

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At A Glance

Summers here and skimboards are back! This is a stunning offering from Kiteloose, it received lots of attention down the beach and we had to pry it from other riders hands just to get it tested. At 140 x 45 it is big enough to allow you to get riding in the lightest of airs. There are no straps on this board just a deckpad and a sugar gripped deck. We are glad they opted for the see-through deck grip option as opposed to an all over deckpad. When wood looks this good it should be on show. The outline isn’t as round as a dedicated skim board to allow it to perform better with a kite. But the board can still be used for skimming when the wind doesn’t show up at the beach.

On the Water

If you have never ridden a skim board you really should. Fun isn’t the word to describe it! Of course if you haven’t ridden without straps before it will take a little getting used to. But once you have it dialled the possibilities are endless. The Kiteloose Woody rides really well with the kite and feels stable underfoot. The board is stiff enough to really get some pop when you chuck an olly and although we haven’t managed to kick flip it yet we are getting close. You can ride it barefoot or with shoes, it’s totally up to you, although if you are planning on jumping it shoes make it a little comfier. Flat-water light wind fun is there in bucket loads. The board is also really good on small wave days, the fins give it enough stability to be able to carve it from rail to rail and you can get some decent airs if you time it right. On bigger days the flatish rocker makes it a little sketchy but on the bigger days you’d want to be on your surfboard anyway.


Everyone should have a skimboard in their quiver this summer, banish those light wind blues and add a whole heap of fun to your riding!


Nothing to note really it’s a skimboard, it’s bags of fun and looks delicious!


The perfect compliment for the rider lacking some kind of light wind weapon in their quiver. The Woody will give you hours of fun, although be prepared to get wet when you first learn to ride it!

This review was in Issue 21 of IKSURFMAG.

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