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1 month ago

If you haven't seen Titouan Galea on his wing before, you are missing out! The F-ONE America team met up on Maui, and Titouan flew…

8 months ago

It's like something out of Point Break, but with foils! Here's an epic wave session from the crew at F-ONE, when Belharra woke up and…

9 months ago

Whether you're on the wing train, or standing at the station watching the train go by, it's safe to say that this video is seriously…

11 months ago

Check out the Day 3 highlights from the GKA SuperFoil event from the vibrant and colourful city of Fortaleza. For more information on the event,…

11 months ago

Today was finals day here at the SuperFoil Brazil event. Our athletes have battled hard the last three days, to get their place in the Finals and…

11 months ago

That’s Day Two in the bag at the GKA SuperFoil 2020 Brazil. Good wind and nice waves have made for a great start to the…

11 months ago

When winter Mediterranean storms hit, the F-ONE crew is always up for a session! Watch Titouan Galéa, Julien Salles, Raphaël Salles, Tom Constant and Mickaël…

1 year ago

Titouan Galea on F-ONE kitefoil 2020 collection For more information, please click here.

1 year ago

OUT NOW! Fun, designed for carving and really versatile, F-ONE's Mirage foils will transform your kitefoiling experience. Foiling has unleashed a fantastic riding potential in…