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3 months ago

If you watch one video today, make sure it's this action-packed edit! First, Stino flies to Mexico for the biggest Cabrinha dealer meeting ever! Cabrinha…

4 months ago

Vive Mas Mexico Cabrinha Meeting - What an event! Check out the highlights right here.

4 months ago

Titouan Galea one of the best foilers and wing surfers on the planet has joined Cabrinha. Arguably the biggest news in the industry this year…

6 months ago

Titouan Galea talks us through F-ONE Rocket Wing, including its design, the shape of this foil and how he sees it. Find out more here!

8 months ago

Titouan Galea landed #1 on our Movie Night list the last time he posted a video like this, and we're pretty sure this one will…

11 months ago

THIS IS ONE FOR THE BOOKS! Fifteen years ago, Titouan's father taught him to kiteboard in Le Morne. He often saw him go to One…

1 year ago

F-ONE's Next Generation are here and ready to rip - stay tuned!

1 year ago

F-ONE unveils the ROCKET WING-S; it's newest, most impressive, and superior wing foil board to date. This CARBON version is a wing foil freestyle and…

1 year ago

Watch the F-ONE Foil crew, including Marcela Witt, Charles Brodel, Hendrick Lopes, Hugo Marin, Mizo Fernando and Titouan Galea, showcase F-ONE 2022 2022 foil collection.…