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2 years ago | 21:10

Foiling at Crissy Fields is hard enough, let alone winning races! Check out this drone action from the last day of racing at the Hydrofoil…

2 years ago | 4:25

Playa Central is located in La Ventana and is recognized Internationally as one of the prime beach locations for kiteboarders. The who's who in kite…

3 years ago | 3:53

Big swell and high winds make for exciting racing in day 2 of the IKA Kite Foiling World Championships in China! Could you stay on…

3 years ago | 7:15

Take a look at the full wrap up vid of the Hydrofoil Pro Tour in La Ventana, Mexico! For anyone that's tried a foil -…

3 years ago | 2:21

You believe how light the wind was for the first day of racing at the Hydrofoil Pro Tour in Mexico. Most of the races were…

4 years ago | 4:6

Day 2 of the┬áLord of the Wind 2016 saw some intense racing in the foil fleet. Take a look to see all the action from…

4 years ago | 3:59

Catch up on everything that went down in Day 1 of the┬áLord of the Wind 2016! This exciting event features highly competitive foil and slalom…

4 years ago | 2:12

This is what foil boarding is all about! The wind is so light in this video that you can see the kites reflection on the…

4 years ago | 4:14

Check out the highlights of the Hydrofoil Pro Tour Australia 2015. The foilers faced challenging conditions with large swell and windspeeds of 30 knots! Many…


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