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8 months ago

From 26th February till 2nd March 2020, Togliatti will host the IKA Snow Kite World Cup Russia 2020!  The World Cup will be accompanied by…

3 years ago

Blaga Gang is on the Run rider Max Chudinovskih camera, edit Konstantin Bobovik music Кровосток - Снайпер (minus version)

3 years ago

This is simply outrageous! Nikolai Rakhmatov jumps off a mountain wearing his wetsuit straight into the sea! We've never seen anything like this... Nikolai Rakhmatov, a…

4 years ago

This edit features some of the best rail crashes we've ever seen! Ooooossshhh they look painful! Ps: there is also some awesome skill in there…

4 years ago

In Russia, the sliders own you... Check out the teaser for the Rail Masters Jib Contest in Blaga, Russia, this event has been a favourite…