This is simply outrageous! Nikolai Rakhmatov jumps off a mountain wearing his wetsuit straight into the sea! We’ve never seen anything like this…

Nikolai Rakhmatov, a multiple champion of Russia in snowkiting.
On April 24th he made an incredible jump with kite and snowboard from the rock mountain right into the Arctic ocean. No one ever did anything like this!
Just look!

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Teriberka peninsula, The Murmansk Region, Russia

Edited by
Anton Klapyshev

Anton Klapyshev
Elena Antokhina
Nikita Krutenkov
Olga Kontareva

Translated by
Olga Victorova
Eric Olsen

Music by
Djivan Gasparyan “Menag Jamport Em (Yes Kez Tessa)”
Silent Partner “Don’t look”



Sun 9th Jul, 2017 @ 3:00 pm

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