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1 year ago

Prolimit just released their 2021 summer wetsuit collection, so if you are on the hunt for an upgrade, this is an excellent place to start…

1 year ago

During an October escape to Dakhla, Pablo Amores was able to spend some time on his Slingshot surfboards in these quiet Moroccan waters. Witch, A…

2 years ago

Ready for six minutes of absolute FOMO? Watch this video from Pablo Amores if you are looking for a visual buffet of desert delights! In…

2 years ago

Pablo Amores just dropped this edit from Ericeira, Portugal and if this doesn't get you stoked for a wave session, not much else will!

2 years ago

Pablo Amores, stoked with his post lockdown progression - let's see how many new moves he can get in the bag before September!

2 years ago

Pablo Amores shares his first post lockdown session. Tarifa delivering!

2 years ago

Pablo Amores just dropped ASTRO after spending 2-month epic months in Cape Verde!

2 years ago

Missions, sessions, travels, new spots, old spots, disasters and wipeouts - Pablo Amores shares his 2019 highlights, right here!

3 years ago

Prolimit's 2020 Mercury freezip 6/4 is a proven concept and versatile wetsuit. Neolight Duotone 550+ limestone neoprene panels with a minimalistic layout, Zodiac plush inside…